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Home » The Daily Gossip: Man Arrested In Connection With Shooting Of Tupac Shakur, An OceanGate Movie Is In The Works, And More

The Daily Gossip: Man Arrested In Connection With Shooting Of Tupac Shakur, An OceanGate Movie Is In The Works, And More

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1. Man arrested in connection with shooting of Tupac ShakurNearly 30 years later, a man has been charged with murder in connection with the killing of Tupac Shakur in 1996, according to The Associated Press. Prosecutors revealed in court Friday that a grand jury in Nevada has indicted Duane “Keffe D” Davis on a count of murder with use of a deadly weapon. They also said he has been taken into custody. Davis was the “on-ground, on-site commander of the effort to kill” Shakur, Chief Deputy District Attorney Marc DiGiacomo alleged, noting that Davis has publicly admitted to being in the car from which shots were fired during the drive-by shooting. “He is responsible for the murder of Tupac Shakur,” DiGiacomo added. The charge comes after police reportedly raided Davis’ home in July seeking items “concerning the murder of” the rapper. “It has often been said that justice delayed is justice denied,” District Attorney Steve Wolfson told the AP. “In this case, justice has been delayed, but justice won’t be denied.” The Associated Press, The Las Vegas Review-Journal

2. An OceanGate movie is in the worksAfter the new GameStop movie “Dumb Money,” another film is joining the Too Soon Cinematic Universe. A movie about the OceanGate submersible implosion, which left five people dead on their way to view the wreckage of the Titanic in June, is in the works, according to Deadline. MindRiot Entertainment is making the film with E. Brian Dobbins, whose previous credits include “The Blackening,” set to co-produce. Jonathan Keasey, who will co-write, called the OceanGate disaster an example of “our nonstop, 24-7 media cycle that convicts and ruins the lives of so many people without any due process,” adding that the film will “honor all those involved in the submersible tragedy” while addressing “a more macro concern about the nature of media today.” As the trend of movies about ridiculously recent events continues, someone in Hollywood is surely writing a movie about Friday’s flooding in New York City as we speak. Deadline

3. ‘Blind Side’ subject Michael Oher’s conservatorship ended by judgeMichael Oher, the subject of the movie “The Blind Side,” is out of his controversial conservatorship. Shelby County Probate Court Judge Kathleen Gomes on Friday said she’s ending the conservatorship agreement between the former NFL player and Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy, according to The Associated Press. In August, Oher alleged that the Tuohys never adopted him but instead tricked him into entering into a conservatorship, giving them control over his finances despite “the fact he was over 18 years of age and had no diagnosed physical or psychological disabilities.” The Tuohys denied the allegations and said they were “ready, willing and able to terminate the conservatorship by consent at any time.” According to the AP, the judge said she “cannot believe” the conservatorship was reached to begin with. The Associated Press 

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4. Steven Tyler’s vocal injury is ‘more serious than initially thought’Steven Tyler will need to give his voice a bit more of a rest. Aerosmith has postponed its remaining upcoming tour dates after its lead singer injured his vocal cords. “Unfortunately, Steven’s vocal injury is more serious than initially thought,” the band said on Instagram. “His doctor has confirmed that in addition to the damage to his vocal cords, he fractured his larynx which requires ongoing care.” Tyler is “receiving the best medical treatment available to ensure his recovery is swift” but is “being told patience is essential,” the band added. All currently scheduled shows as part of Aerosmith’s ongoing “Peace Out” tour were postponed to “sometime in 2024,” but new dates haven’t been announced yet. Tyler said he is “heartbroken to not be out there” but promised to “be back as soon as we can!” Instagram

5. ‘Saw X’ is getting shockingly good reviewsOf all the jaw-dropping twists in the “Saw” franchise, none can compare to this: Critics actually like the new one. Ten films in, the horror series is getting almost universally positive reviews for the first time, as “Saw X” currently holds a shockingly high 85% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Up until now, no “Saw” movie has ever even been fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. The series’ previous highest score was 50% for the original “Saw.” Since then, the sequels have usually hovered around the 30s but have dipped as low as 9%. The shift could stem from the fact that the new entry, a prequel set between “Saw” and “Saw II,” isn’t nearly as convoluted as most of its predecessors, relying less on intricate lore that only franchise nerds can follow. The New York Times argued “Saw X” is the series’ “most well-groomed” film, while Variety declared it “comes closer to being a real movie.” All the pieces have finally come into place for Jigsaw. Rotten Tomatoes

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