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Home » The Daily Gossip: Beyoncé Is Bringing The ‘Renaissance’ Tour To Movie Theaters, Taylor Swift Attends Another Chiefs Game With Famous Pals, And More

The Daily Gossip: Beyoncé Is Bringing The ‘Renaissance’ Tour To Movie Theaters, Taylor Swift Attends Another Chiefs Game With Famous Pals, And More

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1. Beyoncé is bringing the ‘Renaissance’ tour to movie theatersAll the AMC A-List ladies, now put your hands up. Like Taylor Swift, Beyoncé will also bring a hugely popular concert tour to movie theaters this year. AMC has announced that the superstar’s record-breaking “Renaissance” world tour is getting its own concert film that will be released in theaters on Dec. 1, and tickets are on sale now. The movie, which chronicles Beyoncé’s “process in mastering her craft to execute” the tour, will play theatrically “for a minimum of four weeks.” It’s also being released in IMAX, and tickets start at $22. This comes ahead of the Oct. 13 release of Taylor Swift’s “Eras Tour” concert film, which is expected to be one of the fall’s highest-grossing movies. It turns out Nicole Kidman didn’t have it quite right, as we actually come to this place for music. AMC

2. Taylor Swift attends another Chiefs game with Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, and more famous palsTaylor Swift’s NFL era remains well underway. Swift watched Travis Kelce, her rumored boyfriend, play in a Kansas City Chiefs game on Sunday for the second consecutive week. This time, though, she was joined by a bunch of famous pals, as she went to the Chiefs’ game against the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium with Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman, and Sophie Turner. The result was another evening of Swifties watching the game in order to pay attention to anything but the game itself. At one point, cameras captured Swift appearing to point out Kelce and tell Lively, “Look at him.” The director of “Deadpool 3,” Shawn Levy, also attended alongside stars Reynolds and Jackman, helping to fuel a wild, unconfirmed rumor that Swift will appear in the Marvel movie as a superhero called the Dazzler. It would certainly be one way to beat the “superhero fatigue” allegations. NFL

3. Tom Hanks warns about AI version of him promoting ‘some dental plan’T. Hanks for nothing, AI. Tom Hanks took to Instagram to warn fans against being duped by a fake AI-generated video of himself that’s apparently being used for promotional purposes. “There’s a video out there promoting some dental plan with an AI version of me,” the actor said. “I have nothing to do with it.” The source of the offending video wasn’t totally clear, but Hanks attached what looks to be a photo of the moderately convincing AI version of himself as he warned, “Beware!!” Meanwhile, Zelda Williams posted on Instagram that she is disturbed by attempts to use AI to recreate actors like her late father, comedian Robin Williams. “These recreations are, at their very best, a poor facsimile of greater people,” she wrote, “but at their worst, a horrendous Frankensteinian monster, cobbled together from the worst bits of everything this industry is, instead of what it should stand for.” Instagram

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4. Jodie Turner-Smith and Joshua Jackson are reportedly getting divorcedThe year of the celebrity divorce has come for Jodie Turner-Smith and Joshua Jackson. Turner-Smith has filed for divorce from Jackson after four years of marriage, citing irreconcilable differences and listing their date of separation as Sept. 13, TMZ and People reported. The two actors met at a party in 2018 and tied the knot in 2019. They have a three-year-old daughter together. On “Watch What Happens Live” earlier this year, Jackson told Andy Cohen he immediately knew Turner-Smith was the one “when she walked into the room looking like that.” He also told The Times he “didn’t think I ever wanted to get married” until he met her. According to Jackson, she was the one to propose to him. TMZ reported Turner-Smith is seeking joint custody of their daughter. TMZ, People

5. Pete Davidson reportedly crashes car after reckless driving chargeFor Pete’s sake. Pete Davidson crashed his car on Saturday night while leaving a stand-up show in Los Angeles, four months after he was charged with reckless driving, according to Page Six. The former “Saturday Night Live” star swiped his car against the side of a wall while leaving around 10 p.m., a witness told the outlet, which published photos showing Davidson behind the wheel with several other people in the vehicle. Davidson faced a reckless driving charge in June after he allegedly lost control of a car and drove into the side of a house. He was subsequently ordered to complete 50 hours of community service. After this latest incident, Page Six’s photos showed scrape marks on the side of the comedian’s car. It looks like Davidson might really have BDE: bad driver energy. Page Six